What to do with your old mattress


You’ve just purchased your lovely new mattress, but what can you do with your old one?   We’ll outline some of the options available to most consumers.

Buying from a retailer that recycles your old mattress

We at Eco Matt Recycling encourage consumers to purchase their new mattress from a bed retailer that provides a recycling service and thankfully more and more retailers are now embracing this service.

Mattresses are deconstructed to a variety of components that contribute to a much needed circular economy. 

 There is of course a charge that differs from each retailer where the average charge is £35 for a double bed and mattress.  Considering the environmental advantage as well as the convenience, this option is ideal especially for those that want a fast and hassle-free option.

DIY mattress recycling

To avoid any charges at all and or if you’re enthusiastic to experience the process of recycling your old mattress yourself, the DIY option may be ideal for you.

 Even though a small amount of pocket change can be made via the DIY route, we’d say the experience would be very useful too after all it’s not every day you get to recycle your old beloved mattress?

 You can recycle the steel springs, the bed frame, outer foam, and even the polyurethane foam.  But caution must be taken as the process would require safety precautions. 

 There is the option to upcycle what you have deconstructed.  The coil springs and foam can be transformed into ornaments, bottle racks, and even padding for your pet’s bed

Request a bulky waste collection from your local council

Most local councils provide a bulky waste collection service and many will charge, yet some will offer this service for free and have a cap on a number of items per household, per year. If you’re environmentally conscious however, it’s worth considering checking if your particular council either recycles themselves or partners with a recycling company. 

This option does have its disadvantages: the council may take a prolonged period of time before they can collect as well as requesting that your old mattress be left at kerbside which some may find unsightly.

Rent a skip

 Renting a skip will not provide the satisfaction of knowing your mattress is recycled but for some it may be the only option if recycling is not possible.  Please do check with your skip provider if the mattress will end up at landfill or if they have a recycling facility in place. 

Donate your old mattress

For those that have mattresses that are still in good condition donating is a fantastic option.   

However, charities do have criteria in place which excludes large stains, burns, tears, bed bugs, mould, or other damage.   Additionally, all items must adhere to current fire resistant regulations.   This option will save money and time as charities can collect for free and in most cases their service is prompt, reliable and convenient. 

Furthermore, if your mattress is of good quality, it’s reassuring to know that someone else will enjoy many comfortable nights at a much discounted affordable price that they otherwise may not have been able to afford. 

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