Bed retailers have one of the most interpersonal relationships directly with their customers.  The need to demonstrate as a retailer to their customers that they have an eco-ethos policy in place for recycling a customer’s mattress is vital for good customer relationship as well as highlighting the retailer’s eco-friendly policy.

We can help collect high volumes of beds/ mattresses direct from your distribution centre with an existing logistics network that is competitive offering you affordability and reliability.  Alternatively, our warehouse has the scope and practicalities of receiving high volume quantities with fast, efficient unloading time as standard.


 Our hotel partners value our service foremost for the care and attention to detail we provide where utmost sensitivity is applied in the collection process.  Our fully trained, professional collection team can remove beds direct from each room with minimal disruption. 

Whether collection is direct from the hotel or from your new bed supplier, we welcome providing a collection or direct drop off to our central-England location.


Students represent the future and form the more environmentally conscious segments of our society especially considering current global climate awareness.  We, as a recycling company understand this fully and are glad to be part of academic institutions’ eco-ethos aspirational policies where the very sleep of students literally can be a more conscious friendly one knowing the very mattress they lay on will be subjected to the most intense recycling deconstruction process possible.  Our infrastructure facilitates the collection of high volumes of beds during short vocational periods.


We understand the importance of how local councils and government bodies require a service provider that has compliancy and complete adherence to current legislation.  Our familiarity and experience ensures the production of all essential reports for all weights and items sent to us along with all other necessary documentation.

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