about us


We build our future growth on the core historical company principle of having the environment at the heart of our approach to recycling and have done so since 2010 when our first mattress was recycled.  The environment is one that we all share and believe we all should contribute positively towards. 

This awareness is ever increasing with more people wanting to partake in whatever capacity they can.  We believe the future can remain green and together we can keep Great Britain green.


With a determination to recycle as many mattress components as is possible with the least amount of carbon footprint.

We focus strongly on industry knowledge as well as endeavouring to innovate recycling techniques in order to achieve our aspirations of becoming the UK’s foremost affordable, cost effective and leading mattress recycling company.

we don’t shred

Mattresses ‘recycled’ using huge shredding machines in essence only separate metal from other mixed textiles which are burnt resulting in the harmful release of CO2.

Utilising a pool of established recyclable components’ purchasing partners, we are as competitive as the companies that shred yet proudly allow our customers to remain consistent with their eco ethos commitment by leading the way in utilizing semi-automated machinery combined with manually deconstructing mattresses to ensure 95% of materials are recycled.

heart of england

With a central location in the heart of England, we have the logistical advantage to collect across the UK at the most affordable rates utilizing a pool of established logistics partners.  Contact us by email or phone, we’re ready and happy to help.

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